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is a convenient suite of applications for your mobile phone.

ClaydusterV3, like the original Clayduster disc, is designed as a quick and easy learning aid particularly for use by newcomers to the sport of clay shooting although any shot or coach will find it interesting and useful. It's use not only makes it easy for a shot to estimate the amount of lead required for a given bird it also encourages the shooter to estimate correct distances and speeds which are so crucial when shooting.

A choke selector and score record application designed for sporting targets is also included in this package.

By regular shooting practice along with the use of ClaydusterV3 your skill at estimating leads should improve to a stage where it's use will be less and less necessary. Of course ClaydusterV3 will still come in handy with that unusual bird that everyone's missing. Game shots, rough shooters and wildfowlers can all use ClaydusterV3 to their advantage the principal is the same for all. The ClaydusterV3 mobile phone application is now available for download direct to your mobile, enter the address below into your mobiles browser then just follow the links on the wap site:








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